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Fundamentals Of Business Economics And Management (FBEM)

Fundamentals Of Business Economics And Management (FBEM)

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Duration Lectures:- 95 (Duration:- 80 - 90 Hours)
Video Language Hindi
Faculty Name  CMA Priya Mam & CS, MBA Chandan Sir
Course Material Language English
Video Run on Computer / Laptop / Android Mobile (Video Lectures Do Not Run on Apple Device Please Check FAQ)
Study Material Hard Book
Package Details Video Lectures + Study Material
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Content As Per Syllabus:


Module 1. Basic Concepts 1.1 The Fundamentals of Economics 1.2 Utility, Wealth, Production 1.3 Theory of Demand (meaning, determinants of demand, law of demand, elasticity of demand price, income and cross elasticity, theory of consumer behaviour, demand forecasting) and Supply (meaning, determinants, law of  supply and elasticity of supply), Equilibrium 1.4 Theory of Production (meaning, factors, laws of production-law of variable proportion, laws of returns to scale) 1.5 Cost of Production (concept of costs, short-run and long-run costs, average and marginal costs, total, fixed and variable costs) 1.6 Means of Production

Module 2. Forms of Market 2.1 Pricing of Products and Services in various Forms of Markets – Perfect Competition, Duopoly, Oligopoly, Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition 2.2 Price Discrimination

Module 3. Money and Banking 3.1 Money - Types, Features and Functions 3.2 Banking - Definition, Functions, Utility, Principles 3.3 Commercial Banks, Central Bank 3.4 Measures of Credit Control and Money Market

Module 4. Economic and Business Environment 4.1 PESTEL (Political, Economic, Societal, Technological, Environmental and Legal) Analyses 4.2 Emerging Dimensions of VUCAFU (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity, Fear of Unknown and Unprecedentedness)


Module 5. Fundamentals of Management 5.1 Introduction to Management 5.2 Stewardship Theory and Agency Theory of Management 5.3 Planning, Organizing, Staffing and Leading 5.4 Communication, Coordination, Collaboration, Monitoring and Control 5.5 Organisation Structure, Responsibility, Accountability and Delegation of Authority 5.6 Leadership and Motivation – Concepts and Theories 5.7 Decision-making – Types and Process
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