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Strategic Performance Management & Business Valuation (SPMBV)

Strategic Performance Management & Business Valuation (SPMBV)

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Duration Lectures:- 100 (Duration:- 80 – 90 Hours)
Video Language Hindi
Faculty Name  MBA Shivam Sir & CS MBA Chandan Sir
Course Material Language English
Video Run on Computer / Laptop / Android Mobile (Video Lectures Do Not Run on Apple Device Please Check FAQ)
Study Material Hard Book
Package Details Video Lectures + Study Material
Exams validity Till Exam
Doubt Solving Facility Email, WhatsApp, Call
Delivery Free Delivery Non Cancellable
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Content As Per Syllabus

Section A: Strategic Performance Management 

Module 1 Introduction to Performance Management 1.1 Performance, Productivity and Efficiency 1.2 Financial Performance Analysis 1.3 Procurement to Pay and Vendor Relationship Management 1.4 Supply Chain Management (SCM) 1.5 Reverse Mapping of Business Strategies from Market Place using Data Analytics 1.6 Order to Cash and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 1.7 Customer Profitability Analysis 1.8 Improvement of Corporate Credit Rating Score

Module 2 Performance Measurement, Evaluation and Improvement Tools 2.1 Balanced Score Card 2.2 Du-Pont Analysis and RONA Model 2.3 Bench marking & Bench Trending 2.4 Six Sigma and Lean Management 2.5 Statistical Quality Control (SQC) 2.6 Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA) 2.7 Management Information System in a Digital Environment 2.8 Total Productive Maintenance 2.9 Total Quality Management 2.10 Data Envelopment Analysis

Module 3 Economic Efficiency of the Firm – Performance Analysis 3.1 Economic Performance Indicator 3.2 Profit Optimization under different Market Structure 3.3 Market Factors affecting Pricing Decisions

Module 4 Enterprise Risk Management  4.1 Risk Management 4.2 Corporate Risk Management 4.3 Corporate Failure

Section B: Business Valuation 

Module 5 Fundamentals of Business Valuation 5.1 Purpose of Business Valuation 5.2 Valuation Premise 5.3 Valuation Approaches 5.4 Fundamentals of Valuation – Risk and Return 5.5 Financial Statement Analysis 5.6 Market Value and Enterprise Value

Module 6 Laws and Compliance in Business Valuation 6.1 Salient features of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 6.2 The Companies Act, 2013: Section 192(2), 230(1), (2), (3), 231, 232, 247, 281(1) 6.3 Salient features of the Companies (Registered Valuers and Valuation) Rules, 2017 6.4 Salient Features of the SARFAESI Act, 2002 on Valuation 6.5 Valuation Standards (IVSC)

Module 7 Business Valuation Methods and Approaches 7.1 Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF), Comparable Transactions Method, Comparable Market Multiples Method, Market Valuation, Economic Value Added Approach, Free Cash Flow to Equity, Dividend Discount Model, Net Asset Valuation, Relative Valuation 7.2 Earnings Multiples 7.3 Book Value Multiples 7.4 Revenue and Sector Specific Multiples

Module 8 Valuation of Assets and Liabilities 8.1 Valuation of Plant & Machinery 8.2 Valuation of Inventory 8.3 Valuation of Investments – Shares and Bonds/Debentures 8.4 Valuation of Intangibles – Copy Rights, Goodwill, Brand 8.5 Valuation of Human Resources 8.6 Valuation of Real Estate 8.7 Value Added, Economic Value Added, Market Value Added 8.8 Valuation of Liabilities

Module 9 Valuation in Mergers and Acquisitions 9.1 Acquisition Pricing 9.2 Acquisition Outcome 9.3 Financial Modelling

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